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oh god chethikemo pusthakam ichaavoh god ! you gave a book to hand
too bad vantikemo badhakam ichaavtoo bad gave laziness to body
oh god million dollar la syllabus ichaavoh god! you gave a million dollar syllabus
too bad milligram brain ye ichaavtoo bad you gave a milligram brain
oh god one day match ye ichaavoh god! you gave one-day (cricket) match
too bad same day exam ichaavtoo bad the same day you gave an exam
oh god question paper full ga ichaavoh god! you gave question paper filled up
too bad answer paper thella ga ichaavtoo bad that the answer sheet is empty
thala thippa leni anni andhaal ichaavyou gave wonder struck beauties
thala ethukoleni results ichaavbut gave the results with which we cannot keep the head high
double games enti maatho neekeywhat are these double games with us to you
idhi match fixing maa failure kithis match fixing is for our failure
ooh ela ela ela ooh ela ela ela
ooh ela ela ela ooh ela ela ela
ooh ela ela ela ooh ela ela ela
ooh ela ela ela ooh ela ela ela
memory card size emo chotimemory card size is small
memory status kotibut memory status is millions
milligram brain aythey entiso what if the brain is milligram
miracles chey dhaani thotido the miracles with that
baathroom lo paatalaki badhuluinstead of bathroom songs
forumulaney paadusing formulae
premisthey syllabus mothamwhen you love , all the syllabus is
swathi book ee choodulike a swathi book (magazine)
abbabba em cheppadraoh my god! what a saying!!
aho balu oho baluhail balu hail balu
ankelu motham vandalu velunumerals are hundreds and thousands
vidavani chote modaluthe place where it cannot be left is the beginning
aho balu oho baluhail balu hail balu
a to z ani chadive badhuluinstead of studying a to z
b to u ante chalusaying b to u is enough
bulb ni kanipedadham anukunnamoif we thought of inventing bulb
edison danni chedagottesaduedison has spoiled it
telephone kanipedadham anukunnamuwe thought of inventing telephone
aa graham bell first call kottesadubut graham bell has stolen that in the first place
oscar pani padadham anukunnamuwe thought of winning oscar
kani rehman danni odisi pattesadubut rehman has already caught that
atleast first rank kodadham anukunnamuatleast we thought of getting first rank
kani balu gadu dani kosam puttesadubut mr. balu took birth only for that
ooh ela ela ela ooh ela ela ela
ooh ela ela ela ooh ela ela ela
ooh ela ela ela ooh ela ela ela
ooh ela ela elaooh ela ela ela
bulb ni kanipettina edison mariedison invented the bulb
chaduvuku kanipettada medicinebut did not find the medicine for education
telephone tho stop anukunteif you think that telephone is enough
start ayyeda cell phone...how could cell phone come into existance
inthe chalu anukuntu potheif you think this is enough
evvaru avvaru herono one becomes hero
ninnati tho sari pettukunteif you adjust with yesterday
neti ki ledu tomorrow...today you will not have tomorrow
abbabba em cheppedra...oh my god! what a saying!
aho balu oho baluhail balu hail balu
balu kandani logic lanniall the logics which balu doesnot know
kaava navvula paaluall will become futile
aho balu oho baluhail balu hail balu
anukodepudu inthe chalu dont think this is enough
e mind race lo gurram kaluthis mind is always like a horse in the race
luck unnollaki rankulu ichavyou gave ranks to the lucky ones
notlunnollaki seatulu ichavyou have seats to the riched ones
atleast ammayila ki andannichavatleast you gave beauty to the girls
mammalnemo ninda munchavand you drowned us totally
brilliant students ki a grade antayou gave a grade to brilliant students
average students ki b grade antayou gave b grade to average students
mammalnemo d grade chesthavyou made us d grade fellows
cast lu mathalu vaddantuntuneonce side you say no caste and religions
gradulatho vidadeesthuntavuyet separating with grades
ooh ela ela elaooh ela ela ela
ooh ela ela elaooh ela ela ela
ooh ela ela elaooh ela ela ela
ooh ela ela elaooh ela ela ela
hey chettuki pootha kaaya pandanion a tree there is flower, raw fruit and ripen fruit
moodu rakaluga choosthamwe see in three stages
poothayi poosi kaayayi kaasiit should flower and there should be fruitation
pandayi thene viluvisthamand also it should be ripen then it will have value
grade ante abc balloin the nursery school grade means
brainu ni koliche sticka measuring device for the brain
competition ledante race loif there is no competition in the race
gelupuku unda kick...then there is no fun in winning
abbabba em cheppedra...oh my god ! what a saying !!
aho balu oho baluhail balu hail balu
number one ki routine balubalu is number one
chaduvu ki routine baluin education he is the one
aho balu oho baluhail balu hail balu
settledaina center baluthough he is settled he is the center
question entaina answer baluwhat ever the question is , the answer is balu
balu chadivina book antathat is the book which balu read
ventane koni chadiveddamwe should buy immediately and read it
balu rasina notes antathis is the notes which is written by balu
ventane xerox theeddamwe will get this xeroxed immediately
balu vadina pen antathis is the pen balu used
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