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yEdO priyaraagam vinTunnaa chirunavullOI am listening to some lovely melody in your sweet laughter.
prEmaa aa sandaDi needEnaaLove, isn't this excitement yours?
yEdO nava naaTyam choostunnaa sirimuvvallOI can see some beautiful dance in every step you take.
prEmaa aa savvaDi needEnaaLove, isn't this excitement yours?
iTTaage kalakaalam chooDaalanukunTunnaaI want to spend time like this forever.
iTupaina ee swapnam kariginchaku EmainaDon't melt away this dream, no matter what.
prEmaa O prEmaa chirakaalam naavenTE Love, o love, forever follow after me.
nuvvunTe nijamEgaa swapnamIf you are there, then my dreams have become truth.
nuvvunTe prati maaTa satyamIf you are there, every word is reality
nuvvunTe manasantaa Edo teeyani sangeetamIf you are there, my heart is filled with some sweet melody
nuvvunTe prati aDugu andamIf you are there, every step I take is beautiful
nuvvunTe prati kshaNamu swargamIf you are there, every second is heaven
nuvvunTe ika jeevitamantaa Edo santOshamIf you are there, my whole life is filled with some kind of happiness.
paaTa paaDada mounam puri vippi aaDada praaNamWon't silence sing a song? Won't my soul openly play with struggle?
aDavinaina poodOTa chEyada prEmabaaTalo payanamWon't wild flowers also make a love journey?
daarichoopada Soonyam arachEta vaalada swargamWon't the dark show the way? Won't heaven land in my palms?
elladaaTi paravaLLu tokkada velluvaina aanandamWon't happiness pass limits??
prEmaa nee saawaasam naa Swaasaku sangeetamLove, your friendship is my life's music
prEmaa nee saannidhyam naa oohala saamraajyam Love, your closeness is my imagination's rule
prEmaa O prEmaa gunDello kalakaalam love, o love there are loud drum beats in my heart
nuvvunTe prati aaSa sontamIf you are there, every wish is mine
nuvvunTe chirugaale gandhamif you are there, the wind is confusion
nuvvunTe enDaina kaada challani saayantramIf you are there, won't even a sunny hot day, become a cool evening?
nuvvunTe prati maaTa vEdamIf you are there, every word is sacred
nuvvunTe prati paluku raagamif you are there, every utterance is a music lyric
nuvvunTe chirunavvulatOne ninDenu ee lOkamIf you are there, sweet laughter fills up your entire world
unnachOTa unnaana aakaSamandukunnaana Am in the same place as before? Did I reach for the sky?
cheliyalOni ee kotta sambaram naaku rekka toDigEnaDoesn't this new happiness in your presence attach wings to me?
munigi tElutunnaana ee mucchaTaina muripaanaAm I drowning while I'm floating in this large stream?
aamelOni aananda saagaram nannu munchu samayaanajust dip me in her ocean wide happiness in time
hariville nannalle ee rangulu nee valleRainbows are weaving me. All these colors are there because of you
sirimallela vaagalle ee vennela neevalleGood fortune goes to heavens, moonlight is there just because of you
prEmaa O prEmaa idi SaaswatamanukOnalove, o love, can I think that all these things are going to be there forever?
nuvvunTe digulanTuu raadeIf you are there, difficulties will never come
nuvvunTe veluganTuu pOdeif you are there, light will never go away
nuvvunTe mari maaTalu kooDa paaTaipOtaayeIf you are there, well, even words become music
nuvvunTe eduranTuu lEdeIf you are there, there will be no such thing as an obstacle
nuvvunTe alupanTuu raadeIf you are there, sadness will never come
nuvvunTe E kashTaalaina entO ishTaaleIf you are there, even the most difficult things will become things I will love
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