O ajnabee, mere ajnabee - Translation and Lyrics


O ajnabi mere ajnabi, o ajnabi mere ajnabiO stranger my stranger, O stranger my stranger
Na jaane tum kahan chale gaye hoI do not know where you have gone
Yaad mujhe tum kitna aa rahe hoI remember you so much
Sooni si hai dil ki gali, o ajnabi mere ajnabiempty is the street of my heart. O stranger my stranger
Tere pyaar ki nishaaniyaan ban gayi kahaaniyaanmarks of your love have now become stories
Phir se mohabbat, phir kaise main pyaar karoonlove again? how can I ever love again?
Phir se vafa ka kaise main ikraar karoonhow can I ever have trust or ever love again
Tere pyaar mein main to dhali, o ajnabi mere ajnabiI was drenched in your love, O stranger my stranger
Kisse kahoon pareshaaniyaan dil pe kar jaa maherbaaniyaanwhom should I tell my troubles, do this heart a favor
Pal jo beete to lambi judaai huithe passing moment is becoming a long seperation
Ek ek pal main to paraayi huievery passing moment I bacame seperated from you
Aakar mujhe le jaa abhi, o ajnabi mere ajnabiCome and take me away now, O stranger my stranger
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O Ajnabee sad lyrics translation O Ajnabee sad lyrics O Ajnabee sad translation Separated from her lover and getting married to another. Silently suffering the burden of traditions of arranged marriages.