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Sab chalte hain, duniya ki in raahon meineveryone walks in the paths of life
par kya karoon hai nasha koyi hawaon meinbut wht do i do there is an intoxication in the winds
ab zamen ko chor ke mujhko bas hawa mein udne donot let me leave the grounds and fly in the air
udne do, udne do ab mujhko udne dolet me fly, now allow me to fly
jo pelega bas ek vaari mere honthon de pehmaanithe one who drinks just once the drink from my lips
gi haal huwega phir usda oh yaar mere rab jaanewht will happen to him after that only god will know
hum yaar dewane kab hongewe frnds when we will become crazy
aankhon mein sitaare jab hongewhen in our eyes there will be stars
armaan humaare is dil ke poore na jaane kab hongewhen will the wishe of our heart be fulfilled
kuch log mohabata karde ne, par kehne ko bhi darde nesome people fall in love, but say its painful too
kyon rab te shikayat aandi ye, kyon thandiya hawa parde newhy do they complain to god, why are the cold winds breezing through
dil ho kaise khamosh abhiwhy is the heart so quite
kuch kuch hai salaamat hosh abhimy senses are ok now
ab tak yeh tamana baaki haitill now the wish is unfulfilled
poore na huwe madhosh abhiim not complete, im still lost
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