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Woh lamheThose moments
woh raateinthose evenings
koi na jaanenobody knows
thi kaisi baateinwhat sort of words those were
woh barsaateinthose rains
woh bhegi bhegi yaadeinthose wet, wet memories
na main jaanui don't know
na tu jaaneand neither do you
kaisa hai yeh aalamwhat sort of state is this?
koi na jaanenobody knows
phir kyon hai yeh tanhaithen why is there this loneliness?
kaisi hai yeh ruswaiwhat sort of dishonour is this?
ghum ho gaye kyonwhy have we become sad?
kho gaye humwe've become lost
sagar ki in lehro segreater than the waves of the ocean
gehra hai mera pyaarso deep is my love
sehraon ki in hawao mainin these winds of deserts
kaisi aye gi bahaarhow will spring come?
andhi ho ya tufan howhether there is a tempest or a storm
mere man main rahe tu sadayou will always be in my heart
koi apna ho ya paraya howhether someone is mine or a stranger
usse dhoondo main kahawhere shall i search for her?
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